Qulacomm snapdragon 835 with Quick Charge 4 – 5 hr battery in 5 min.

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Qulacomm snapdragon 835 with Quick Charge 4

Qualcomm’s has announced its new flagship Snapdragon 835 and it will be built on Samsung’s 10nm 10PLE FinFET manufacturing process and feature latest version of Quick Charge 4.

Qualcomm will be partnering with Samsung to manufacture the upcoming Snapdragon 835 mobile processor.


All about 10nm chip.

The new 10nm FinFET process allows up to a 30 percent increase in area efficiency with 27 percent more performance or 40 percent more less power consumption.The new chip will be much more faster and less power hungry then the current top-of-the-line Snapdragon chips.

The 10nm chip is much smaller in size than previous gen chips which will surely means that smartphones will be more thinner and can now have a bigger battery.


Best feature – Quick Charge 4.

The most exciting feature available with snapdragon 835 is that it will support Qualcomm’s latest Quick Charge 4. You can now get approximately 50 percent of your phone’s battery charged in just 15 minutes or 5 hours worth of battery life from 5-minute of charging with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4.

Quick Charge 4 also comes with the third edition of Qualcomm’s Intelligent negotiation for Optimum Voltage (INVO) power management algorithm which will improve the battery by life by providing real-time thermal management

Google’s recently updated Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) for Nougat doesn’t recommends using non standard fast charging systems. Quick Charge 4 will be compatible with the USB Power Delivery (PD)and USB Type-C specifications and you can use fast charging with wide range of chargers.

So it doesn’t violate any USB standard and you will be able to fast charge USB-PD devices like the new Pixel phones and the devices with new USB-C Macbooks using a Quick Charge 4 charger.


Wait till next year?

This new Snapdragon 835 will hopefully feature in Samsung galaxy 8 or the upcoming LG Flagship which will hopefully release soon in early 2017.

So if you are thinking about buying a high end smartphone and want to have Qulacomm snapdragon 835 with Quick Charge 4, then you should strongly consider waiting for few months.

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