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Install QuiteRSS on ubuntu 16.04

QuiteRSS is an open-source RSS/Atom news feed reader available for all the major platforms like LINUX, Windows, Mac OS. It has a very clean and simple interface. QuiteRSS feed reader is unquestionably one of the best RSS feed reader software out there.

QuiteRSS is full packed with features and has its own browser. You don’t need to depend on any external browser to read posts.

Some of the Features of QuiteRSS Feed reader are as follows:

  • Embedded browser (Webkit core).
  • Feed and news filters: new, unread, starred, deleted (for news until restart application).
  • Feed import wizard: Search feed URL if site URL was entered.
  • Adblock.
  • Import/Export feeds (OPML-files).
  • Automatic update feeds: on startup, by the timer.
  • Enable/Disable images in news preview.
  • Open feed or news in it’s own tab.
  • Sound and Popup notification on new news
  • Minimize on system tray: on start, on close, on minimize
  • Free working set (Windows)
  • Shortcuts
  • Check for updates.

To check the full list of QuiteRSS Feed reader features, you can visit their main website.


About this guide of QuiteRSS Feed reader.

QuiteRSS is available in different Languages, for example, English, Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek and much more.


Install QuiteRSS on Ubuntu 16.04.

Installing QuiteRSS in Ubuntu 16.04 is very easy.

Before installing any software on Ubuntu 16.04 we should always update your system.

shell> sudo apt-get update


Add the QuiteRSS PPA to always get the latest version of QuiteRSS and install QuiteRSS.

shell> sudo add-apt-repository ppa:quiterss/quiterss
shell> sudo apt-get update
shell> sudo apt-get install quiterss


Access the QuiteRSS Fed Reader.

Follow these steps to start the QuiteRSS app.

shell> which quiterss

shell> /usr/bin/quiterss


QuiteRSS feed Reader


Another way of starting QuiteRSS is to Go to Ubuntu DASH by Pressing Super/Windows key and type “quiterss” and click on the icon.

QuiteRSS feed Reader - Ubuntu 16.04 Dash shortcut.



QuiteRSS feed Reader install on Ubuntu 16.04

You can lock QuiteRSS Icon to the launcher by clicking the QuiteRSS icon and selecting the Lock to Launcher option.

Here’s a screenshot of QutieRSS interface.

QuiteRSS feed Reader - Clean Interface


Add a feed from Blog/Website in QuiteRSS.

To add a feed in QuiteRSS from a Blog for example DebYum Blog, Follow these instructions.

Click the + icon on the Top left corner of your QuiteRSS’s home screen and enter the feed Url of a blog of your choice.

QuiteRSS feed Reader - Start


Press Next to subscribe to that blog’s RSS feed.


QuiteRSS feed Reader - Blog/website Display name.

Give new feed a Display name. The name will appear in the upper Left side of QuiteRSS Home screen.


QuiteRSS feed Reader - Add Blog/Website


Click on the Displayed name of Blog RSS Feed and you can see the list of posts from that blog.

Click on any of these posts to read it QuiteRSS’s browser.

QuiteRSS feed Reader - Blog Feed


NewsPaper Theme for QuiteRSS.

By default, QuiteRSS uses Classic theme. To change QuiteRSS theme you can go to View > Layout > select Newspaper theme. Here’s a view of Newspaper theme.

Newspaper theme for QuiteRSS

You can scroll to new posts just like in newspaper in this theme.

Update RSS Feed in QuiteRSS.

  • To update feed from a particular blog, right-click on blog/website’s displayed name and select update feed or simply press f5.
  • To update feeds from all blogs/websites at once on QuiteRSS, you can use the shortcut Ctrl+F5.


Remove QuiteRSS from Ubuntu 16.04.

To remove the QuiteRSS following command is used:

shell> sudo apt-get remove quiterss


Now you know how to install QuiteRSS on Ubuntu 16.04, use it and remove it.

Thanks for visiting this page and Have a Good day. 🙂


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