Download files from nextcloud by command line.

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Download files from nextcloud by wget

Owncloud or Nextcloud is a self hosted open source file sync and share server. It is used to store and share files, calendar, contacts and Documents. Data can be stored in encrypted state on these application for extra security. This article will help you download files from nextcloud by wget on linux server

To help with installation of Owncloud in ubuntu correctly and securely, please follow this article.

Often we need to download files/Backups from Owncloud or Nextcloud directly onto our servers.

Here are the steps to download files from Nextcloud or Owncloud by wget tool.

Open your Nexcloud or Owncloud application in your browser.

click on the file you want to download by wget.

Then click Sharing on the right side panel > then on Public Links > then Create public link.

Now create link share and provide name for the file with extension. You will get a random string to download the file.

Download files from nextcloud by wget

lets suppose the url for shared public link is:

Then add /download the end of it.

New link will be:

Now we will use wget to download the file directly to server.

wget --no-check-certificate --content-disposition -O 

Example. to download the file exmaple.tar by wget from owncloud the link will be:

wget --no-check-certificate --content-disposition -O example.tar

Now the file will be downloaded directly from Owncloud or Nextcloud and will be saved as example.tar.

ofcourse you can change the name of the file to anything but make sure to use the same extesnsion to avoid confusion in future.

That’s all. Thanks and have a great day.

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